Frequently Asked Questions


Can I reserve a lane?

Yes! you can reserve a bowling lane ahead of time or the day of by calling our front desk and paying upfront for the 1st hour of bowling on each lane. For large groups, please email our events office in advance at

Do you provide ramps and put bumpers on for kids?

Yes. Bumpers are programmable per person so adults and kids can bowl on the same lane! We also have several ramps for little kids to assist in getting the bowling balls all the way down the lane as well as lightweight bowling balls for them.

How many people can bowl on the same lane?

We can set up to 6 people to bowl in the same lane.

Can I bowl all day long with your Unlimited pass?

Yes, however, we do a 90-minute lane rotation if we are on a waiting list. If we are not on a wait list, we will add another 90-minutes to your lane.

How can I join a League?

Anyone can join a league. Most are handicapped so they are suited to all levels of bowlers. We also have equipment available for rent. Go to our leagues page to see the next available start times for upcoming leagues, then decide which league is best for you. It is a good idea to choose more than one option is case a league is full. Email questions to or you can call and ask to speak to a manager for more details.

Birthday Parties

Can I bring candy and décor to my party?

Yes! You can bring any items such as balloons, backgrounds or any other type of setup to your party. Ice cream and goody bags are also permitted to share with your guests. No other types of outside food or drinks are allowed.

Do you provide cakes/desserts for Birthday Parties?

No. The cake is the only thing that you would need to bring in if you are having a hosted party with us. Cake, Cookie Cake, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream cakes are all acceptable to bring in!

Can I add more guests the day of the party?

Yes you can, however, some activities are limited to the number of guest planned, such as bowling and laser tag. If your party exceeds the number of guests, we will work with the host to include your extra guests in all the activities as much as possible.

What if my party downsizes on the day of the event?

Don’t worry, if your party downsizes on the day of your party, we will only charge you for the number of guests actually in attendance for the party down to the minimum guest requirement for that party.


What’s the difference between arcade cards and time cards?

Our Arcade cards hold your electronic tickets when you play our games and will allow you to play games that win you prizes, later on, you can go ahead and redeem those for prizes. Our Time Cards only activates video games and doesn't allow you to play games that win prizes and no tickets will go on your card.

What can I do with the remaining balance on my Arcade Card?

Keep it! All game cards with a balance on it will remain on the card until you reload more money on it. These balances will not expire.

Laser Tag

What is the minimum age to play?

There is no minimum age, however, we recommend to be at least 42” tall to properly wear our vests.

How many people can join a game?

Our Laser Tag arena can hold up to 20 players at the same time.

How long are the Laser Tag games?

Open Play Walk-In Games and most birthday parties are 15 minutes long. Some events and parties have games that are only 10 minutes long.