Virtual Reality

Come to Times Square Entertainment for THE MOST futuristic Virtual Reality experience in Katy!

A new dimension of entertainment. 4 Player interactive Virtual Reality Arena. High End Premium Head sets with Premium Games.

For only $7 per person individuals or groups of four can step into an alien world and combat the wildest creatures. Or play the more mild snowball fighting game. 10 minutes of Fun for all ages!

Walk ins are welcome and Group reservations can be made by contacting our Events Department at or call 281 395-8530.

New Games Added Monthly!

Cold Clash

A snow ball fight for all ages! Race against others or the clock to get to the finish line!

Groove Guardians

Great for all ages, this is the ultimate speed and hand challenge! You have two controllers (1 in each hand) that act as fists in the digital space. Use the fists to hit the oncoming notes to the beat of the music.


Aliens are invading! An individual or team-based cooperative shooter game that will challenge all your skills. Alone OR Together with up to 4 players, your mission is to defend a futuristic base. Work together as a team to fend off waves of menacing alien mech-spiders, robots, and drones to prepare yourselves to defeat bigger enemies like the giant Sumo-Bot and the mighty Dragon-Boss


Zombie apocalypse! Great for thrill seekers! This genre-defining zombie shooter boasts high-end photo realistic graphics. As a new recruit of the Z.W.A.T - Zombie Weapons And Tactical Team - you learn to defeat the hordes using an arsenal of futuristic weapons. But beware, the Zombyte virus is spreading!

Angry Birds

You and your friends must flock together as angry birds and take on those pesky pigs… all while in glorious virtual reality!

Das Boot

Escape! Undertake a dangerous mission set in 1942 as you commandeer a German WWII U-boat. Based on the awardwinning film of the same name, Das Boot is a pulse-pounding life-or-death adventure in the high seas

World of Tanks

Take control of a 50- ton combat tank and engage in frantic player vs. player frontline battles! Together with Wargaming, HOLOGATE brings the global video game phenomenon to location-based VR

Rig Rebels

Team up and raid a futuristic facility in an action-packed PvP race to collect the most N.E.O.N. - In a first for location-based VR, players must use their hands to shoot, move, and climb around the environment.

Captain Cook

If everyone’s a pirate, then who’s the cook? Find out who can make the best meal under pressure for a crew of hungry sailors – and the loser walks the plank! Players go head-to-head in a contest of cooking meals as-ordered from the pirate ship’s crew, in a free-for-all competition. Use your left- and right-handed controllers to pour drinks, grill meat, and chop up vegetables on the fly.

Tower Tag

Virtual Capture the Flag! 2 teams of 2 will go head to head to score as many take downs as possible before the timer runs out, while capturing multiple platforms in order to boost their scores. Use your trigger to pull yourself from tower to tower, and fire your weapon as well. Work together with your team members to score the most points within the time limit!